The company first established in the 1970’s and was taken over by Lockers Fish in 1985. Lockers Fish is a family run fresh fish processing business based in Whitby; the company fillets, packages and delivers fresh fish to local and UK fresh fish distributors, cafes, hotels and restaurants on a daily basis.

Lockers fish prides itself on providing a ‘Fresh’ ‘Organic’ and ‘Natural’ product.

Whitby fishing docks were once an affluent trading platform for fishing vessels selling “Fresh” fish to merchants and traders. Fresh Fish markets ran on a daily basis allowing a plentiful supply of fresh fish to the town. As the fishing industry evolved Whitby no longer held daily fresh fish auctions which resulted in limited supplies of Fresh fish to local businesses. The nearest daily fresh fish auction is in Peterhead, Scotland. Lockers Fish soon realised that the company was not able to supply the market with enough fresh fish for the demand, rather than go against the company’s own core values; FRESH- ORGANIC-NATURAL; Lockers Fish used the resources of the sister company ‘Lockers Trawlers’ to deliver the freshest catches from Peterhead. Lockers fish now transports fish from the local markets on overnight refrigerated transport to arrive in Whitby the next morning to be processed and sent to local restaurants.

Lockers Fish use the expression ‘Putting the fresh fish back into Whitby’ and are unrivaled in the way their fresh fish caught by Whitby vessels which are operated by local crews arrives into Whitby daily. Once delivered, the Fresh Fish is then processed and delivered fresh to local and UK fresh fish distributors, cafes, hotels and restaurants.

Lockers Fish are extremely proud to supply acclaimed fish restaurant ‘The Magpie Cafe’.

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