How Lockers Fish source the freshest fish

Lockers Fish are unique in the way they source and deliver their fish. The company utilises their 40 years industry experience to manage a fleet of active ‘in house’ fishing vessels throughout their respective fishing trips. This ensures that the key supplier vessels land the freshest catch at the optimum times; meaning ‘Lockers Fish’ have a continuous supply of ‘Fresh Fish’ from recognised suppliers vessels.

Lockers Fish know in advance -through continual communications direct with the vessel captains- ‘WHAT’ fish is coming in, ‘WHERE’ it was caught, ‘WHO’ caught it and most importantly how ‘FRESH’ the product is…


Lockers Fish also cares about the sustainability of our fisheries. The company’s key supplier vessels operate on a fishery devised by the European Commission and UK government. The fishery is known as the Fully Documented Fisheries‘ (FDF) this is where the vessel fishes with a ‘less than 1% discard rate’ and is enforced using 24 hour CCTV monitoring and catch logs regulated and continually monitored by the Marine Management Organisation (MMO). All vessels committed to the fishery use specially modified nets to release the smaller fish, failure to comply with the strict rules of the ‘Less than 1% discard’ policy results in the vessel being withdrawn from the fishery. The key supplier vessels for ‘Lockers Fish’ were instrumental in setting up and pioneering the ‘FDF’ fishery and have fished using the scheme since 2010..

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